Actress Sarwat Gilani has had her fill with the moral dictatorship! The JPNA star has uploaded a screaming response for all haters who have been very vocal about her PDA with husband Fahad Mirza while on vacation in Rome.
Recently a picture of Fahad Mirza kissing his lawfully wedded wife went viral on social media and  few angry individuals considered it their personal responsibility to curse abuses at the loving couple for having ‘crossed their limits’.

Being done with the petty comments, Gilani finally took to Instagram to give all the trolls a much needed shut up call and damn this girl is on fire!
"To all the haters in this world! STOP FOLLOWING ME IF YOU HATE ME SO MUCH. You can’t bully me, I’m too bloody strong for your minute imagination! Grow up and get a life! Stop being so jealous of other people’s success, the love in their lives and the happiness they have because unlike you, they have worked bloody hard for it," she wrote on Instagram.
"For someone who has faced the world and lasted this long, your perspective is very can’t bring me down, not even in your imagination! Just because US celebrities don’t say anything doesn’t mean you bullies have the right to say everything! It’s time for a much-awaited SHUT UP CALL! With love, of course!"
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