PM Imran forms high-powered committee to investigate sugar crisis

Prime Minister Imran Khan has formed a three-member enquiry committee to investigate all of the sudden hikes in sugar prices in the country.
According to a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office, “The committee shall identify and fix responsibility, if any, on any individual, officer or organisation or any purported benefit to a private party, besides suggesting a way forward for the future course of action.”
The other two members of the committee will be a representative of the Intelligence Bureau not below grade 20/21, and the director-general of the Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment.
The committee will also find out the extent of the delays in the purchase of sugarcane from farmers and additionally, it will investigate the presence of oligopolies in the sugar sector.
The committee will also identify illegal stockpiles and the justification for sugar export.
Lastly, the committee shall observe the role of the stakeholders, including government institutions, in the increase in prices.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and federal and provincial law enforcement agencies have been directed to launch a joint operation to control sugar prices.
On the other side, the interior ministry has been ordered to submit an implementation report in next 48 hours. PM has ordered Intelligence Bureau, Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) and FIA to present the report of the crackdown on a regular basis.

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