Punjab CM terms Orange Line Train a “total loss”

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has termed Orange Line Train a “complete loss” and said that the government will have to allocate Rs 10 billion if Rs 60 will be fixed as ticket price for a single passenger.
In a tweet, Punjab CM Buzdar asked, “Should we allocate this amount for schools or hospital or should we spent this amount on Orange Line?”
اورنج لائن ٹرین کا قرض واپس کرنے کےلیے اربوں روپےسالانہ دینےپڑیں گے، اور اگر 60روپےکا ٹکٹ بھی رکھیں تو صرف ٹرین کو چلانے(O&M) کےلیے 10 ارب سالانہ سبسڈی دینی پڑےگی

کیا ہم اس رقم سےہسپتال و سکول چلائیں یا یہ سبسڈی دیں؟ کابینہ نےفیصلہ اسمبلی بھیجا ہےتاکہ عوامی نمائندوں کافیصلہ آئے
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He pointed out that they will have to pay billions of rupees loan back to the government if they ran this project.
Shehbaz Gill had said earlier that Rs 285 rent will be fixed for every passenger if they ran it today. He stated that there would Rs 11 billion loss if they fixed Rs 50 fair for a single passenger.
Orange Line Project was built in collaboration with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

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