Coronavirus pandemic has turned on emergency across the world as every second person is getting infected by this disease and the situation is worsening persistently. As of now, if we take a view of the spread of COVID-19 in Pakistan, the management has been lacking to play a significant role while considering it an emergency.  Despite so many intimations to stay at home for safety, the citizens are openly moving around in their cities, some of them with the masks on their faces while the other even without taking any prescribed precautionary measures.
According to the latest updates till now, the numbers of positive cases for coronavirus have been calculated up to 645, subsequently reporting 3 deaths. As per the latest statistics, Sindh has been reported with the highest number of confirmed cases i.e. 292, Punjab with 152, Balochistan with 104, Islamabad with 10, KPK with 31 while a total of 56 confirmed cases have been reported in Azad & Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.
In the wake of this critical situation, Sindh Government has asked the Interior Ministry to approve Army Deployment in order to deal effectively with the pandemic. As per the recent updates, the cited count of the confirmed cases in Sindh was previously announced as 396 by the government but a spokesperson for the Sindh health department accredited the change to a counting error.
On the other hand, the breaking news revealed that Punjab province has reported 15 new coronavirus cases revising the tally up to 152. A sharp rise has been observed in the graph of coronavirus in Pakistan during the past 36 to 48 hours which is alarming and turning on the panicky situation across the country. With this consideration, CM Punjab Usman Buzdar has declared a lockdown for 2 days across Punjab to avoid the spread of this disease.
Contrary to the prevailing situation in Pakistan, Italy has witnessed coronavirus deaths rising up to 4825 with an addition of 793 deaths on Saturday. The point of the emergence of the disease i.e. Wuhan in China, has brought the good news of zero new local infections and declared the success of dealing with the pandemic in an organized manner following complete lockdown. Iran’s death toll has risen to 1566 whereas the total number of infected people exceeds 20,000.
Moreover, Turkey has banned people above 65 years of age and those with chronic health problems from leaving homes. As per the information, at least 670 people have been tested positive of coronavirus in Turkey while 9 have been reported expired subsequently.
Taking the situation of Pakistan in terms of the coronavirus pandemic in political perspective, the Speaker of the National Assembly has contacted the opposition leader to form a panel on the coronavirus issue so that this infection can be dealt effectively without politically maligning the initiatives in this regard. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also stated that it is not the time to criticize the Prime Minister, it is the time to be on the same page and the Federal Government should be extending assistance to all the provinces on an equal level to cope up with this emergency. Moreover, PM Imran Khan, Ministers and other political leaders are significantly emphasizing on a stay at home for everyone and to properly take all precautionary measures. It has also been intimated that if anyone feels symptoms like that suspected to be caused by COVID-19, get them tested in the designated laboratories right away while maintaining social distance.
The people of Pakistan are demanding a complete lockdown for the next few days so that the situation can be controlled properly without any further death reports. However, apart from Sindh, none of the provincial or Federal Government has announced anything like that apart from Punjab where the CM has announced a lockdown for only 2 days.
The medical facilities including the availability of face masks, sanitizers, ventilators and ICU wards is not sufficient to deal with this health crisis. Pakistan Army has ensured to contribute towards controlling the disease and providing the facilities to all the patients but it’s going to be a big challenge to deal with for the government of the time. Quarantine locales have also been arranged for the patients to keep safety on priority.
Some Important Questions
Why is everything on the news about the coronavirus?
Coronavirus has turned on an emergency situation across the globe while making the headlines with around 304,622 positive cases and at least 13,000 deaths. 
How long will it take for the coronavirus to be contained?
The researchers have been learning as much as they can about COVID-19 and experimenting to create vaccines so that coronavirus pandemic can be controlled at the earliest.
How to keep yourself safe from the new coronavirus?
To keep yourself safe from coronavirus, wash your hands frequently and properly, use hand sanitizer, wear gloves, cover your face with masks and avoid going out of the home.
What are the conspiracy theories about the Coronavirus?
The virus was purposely created in the lab, you can cure the infection with different home remedies including the use of onions & garlic. 
Is the coronavirus more dangerous than the flu?
Yes, it is more dangerous than the flu as it directly affects the lungs and respiratory system and if you have any underlying serious health condition, there are lesser chances of survival.
Can't they stop the coronavirus from spreading?
Researchers and scientists are trying their best to learn more about the coronavirus and find out the way to create vaccines in order to foil the spreading of this infection.
Is there a treatment for the Coronavirus?
There is no proper treatment prescribed to treat the infection caused by coronavirus however, the researchers & scientists are doing their best to find out the way. 
How dangerous is the coronavirus?
Coronavirus is a readily transmitting disease and its symptoms can be confused with that of general flu. It directly affects your lungs and respiratory system and the chances of survival are lesser if you have any underlying health issues.

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