PEMRA advises media house to conduct shows without inviting gathering

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has advised the media houses to promote “social distancing” and conduct morning, satirical/comedy shows without inviting any gathering/live audience in view of precautionary measures advised by the health experts.
As it is an established fact that the virus is contagious and spreads from one person to another.
Therefore, a reasonable distance i.e. one metre approximately should be maintained in order to secure oneself as well as others. Whereas, organizing such shows/programmes, involving public participation may create a serious threat for the channels and participating audience which may cause further spread of coronavirus.
The act of gathering public at a particular place is against the directives of the federal and well as provincial governments issue on the pandemic. Since the virus is spreading mainly through respiratory droplets (coughing and sneezing), therefore, people in large gatherings are more vulnerable, said a press release issued by the PEMRA.
The media houses are also advised to telecast programmes of public interest such as movies, popular dramas, award shows etc in order to motivate public to stay at homes and watch their favourite shows on TV instead of socialising and exposing themselves to this pandemic.
This pandemic is a global crisis and no government can alone defeat it, therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone to play their part for safety and protection of countrymen by adopting precautionary measures and encouraging the whole nation to adopt such measures at their homes, workplaces and avoid public exposure unless inevitable.
Moreover, it is requested that responsible reporting must be ensured and hope among people is inculcated without creating panic through frightful reports and give confidence to the public that all state institutions are working on war-footing to safety and security of the nation in this hour of crisis.

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