I’m absolutely in no position to question doctors and nurses, we owe them our lives: Ushna Shah

Everyone makes mistakes, and celebrities are no exception.
Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of movie scandals, interviews-gone-wrong, racist remarks and public outbursts.
And just this week, Ushna Shah commented on how doctors and nurses could essentially be wasting “precious time” by uploading videos of themselves performing choreographed dances in hospitals.
“I’m curious to know people’s thoughts on doctors and nurses creating choreographed dances in hospitals. I’m conflicted: on one hand, I understand they need uplifting breaks, but on the other, these dances seem quite time-consuming, precious time-consuming. Thoughts?” she had said.
After receiving immense criticism on social media, Ushna has issued an apology, taking back her previous remarks.
“I wanted to quickly post this to clarify and apologise for a tweet that has caused some offense. I am in absolutely no position to question anything doctors and nurses do to take the edge off. We owe them our lives,” she said.

The Cheekh actor further added that “anything other than a thank you to our medical professionals is offensive”.
“An absolute idiotic moment on my part. Thank you for risking your lives and continue to do whatever makes you happy to get through this tough time, however much it takes is none of my business,” she concluded her statement, making sure to highlight that the apology isn’t for the “trolls.”
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