Mahira Khan reveals she is in love

Pakistani TV star Mahira Khan recently revealed she is in love with someone who is not from the industry. During a live session with Samina Pirzada on social media amid the coronavirus lockdown, when asked if she is in love with someone, the starlet smiled sheepishly and replied: “Yeah, I think I am in love.”
“Maybe you know him but he does not belong to the showbiz industry,” she told Samina. When asked by the veteran actor whether Mahira was in love with someone special, the Raees star smiled sheepishly and nodded her head. “Yeah, I think I am in love,” Mahira smiled. When Samina went on to congratulate her, the Sadqay Tumhare actor added, “I don’t know, I am so shy about it.”
Samina then inquired if she would know the person Mahira has fallen for, to which the former VJ asserted, “You might but he’s not from the industry.”

Samina then asked Mahira if she would want to name the person, she shared that she wouldn’t. “This is one thing I would want to protect with my life. I want to protect my child,” the Bol actor said, adding, “At first, I wanted to show everyone what an adorable baby Azlan is, but now I’ve become more cautious. If you notice, you really wouldn’t see Azlan’s face full front, it’d either be a side pose or a back pose.”
Samina ensured her that she had all the right in the world to do that. “I know we shouldn’t be so superstitious and I wasn’t someone who you would call a Vehmi, but now I’m just like I don’t want any Nazar (evil eye),” Mahira shared.
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