#MeAt20: Shehzad Roy, Jemima Goldsmith and other celebs take a trip down memory lane

The internet has gone gaga for the online trend of people posting snaps from when they were 20-years-old - and many celebrities were quick to jump on the bandwagon, too.
There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane. The cringe-worthy, adorable, and memorable moments of our past remind us of our good ol’ days. And thanks to Instagram, even during lockdown, we can relive moments with our friends and family.
Here are some celebs giving us a rush of emotions with the #MeAt20 challenge:
Shehzad Roy:
Just as handsome as he is today!
Jemima Goldsmith:
Our all time lady love.
Ali Zafar:
Dashing as always
. PC Lobby. Remember sketching 16-18 hrs continuously everyday...back breaking. Needed to support family & save 4-5 lakhs to be able to record my first music album & video. Took me 5 yrs & “Huqa Pani”- “Channo” was released. Rest is history. Will never forget those times.
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Shoaib Akhtar:
Chef and cooking-show host Nigella Lawson:
Former Manchester United player Robin Van Persie:

Have you shared any picture of yourself when you were in your 20s? Let us know in the comments secion below and stay tuned for more!


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