Why Did Alinity Ask for Longer Twitch Ban After NSFW Stream?

  • Controversial Twitch streamer Alinity says that her suspension for accidentally revealing her nipple on stream was “not long enough.”
  • The streamer had been suspended from Twitch for 24 hours.
  • Alinity also confirmed plans for a self-imposed Twitch suspension of three days.
Twitch streamer Alinity was suspended from the site last week after accidentally revealing her nipple during a stream.
The controversial streamer, who has also faced accusations of animal abuse and a call from PETA for her to be banned, was suspended from Twitch for 24 hours

Alinity Tries To Get Suspended From Twitch For 3 Days

However, one person who doesn’t think that the suspension was for long enough is Alinity. On Twitter, the streamer said that she feels that the suspension was “not long enough” and that  she’s “trying to get it extended to 3 days.”
Source: Twitter
Alinity’s Twitch page is up and viewers can subscribe to her and follow her channel, which confirms that Twitch hasn’t granted her that 3-day ban. The streamer does plan to self-impose this 3-day suspension though, Alinity told a fan.

Why Would Alinity Seek A Longer Twitch Suspension?

It’s unclear why Alinity would want to suspend herself from Twitch for longer. One reason may be that she doesn’t want to give the mobs of trolls more reason to harass her. Several have said that she shouldn’t “get away” with what she’s done and by giving herself a self-imposed suspension, she may be trying to get them onside.
The streamer may also be trying to show that she supports Twitch’s new nudity policy and thinks that those who go against it, accidentally or on purpose, should be punished. It does seem like an odd move but it does mean that it’s one less thing for Alinity’s critics to use against her.
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