A Crypto Platform in Hong Kong Gives Bitcoin Mining a Fresh Approach

Aberdeen, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. June 1, 2020. – A cryptocurrency platform based in Hong Kong has announced a raft of products and services for the blockchain community. Miny.cc, a cryptocurrency wallet platform is offering joint pool mining, a safe cryptocurrency wallet, and a few other avenues that its users can take advantage of to earn passive income.
The joint mining pools is Miny.cc’s innovation that makes it possible for crypto enthusiasts to benefit from cryptocurrency mining without necessarily investing the colossal sums that such undertaking demands. Besides, the platform has a native token, MINY, which is deflationary. Platform users that buy and hold on to the coin get to earn when its value rises over time.

The Challenges Of Mining Bitcoin

The process of uncovering crypto coins from the network and bringing them into circulation is well-programmed. But, it is time-consuming and demands elaborate and sophisticated machines. Most people that desire to mine crypto cannot do so because of the cost of these sophisticated machines.
Aside from the cost of mining paraphernalia, associated expenses such as power tariffs and related taxes also conspire to raise the capital of mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. An environment that has cheaper electricity and bearable taxes provides two of the three critical conditions for profitable mining. 

What Is The Rationale?

After its launch in 2009, Bitcoin gained popularity quickly among the online tech community. The reasons for the coin’s burgeoning popularity include its ability to facilitate faster, cheap transactions without the need for an intermediary. Since the Bitcoin network does not have a central administrator, the role of maintaining the network lies with the community of users. By verifying transactions and helping the add blocks of these transactions into the every-growing chain in a process called mining, these users ensure than the network operates as it should.
For their service to the network, these users are compensated by block rewards. At the inception of Bitcoin, block rewards were generous. Incidentally, mining was also less complicated. Meaning, people who engaged in the activity back then took home really handsome pay. The tools required for the activity were also basic. However, as Bitcoin became more popular and as the number of Bitcoin already mined increased, the complexity of mining Bitcoin increased.
The tools required to mine Bitcoin have also gotten a lot more sophisticated. Engaging in profitable Bitcoin mining means that you have to invest in expensive machines with elaborate computational capabilities. Miny.cc is aware of this challenge and has fleshed out a joint pool mining solution for anyone that wants to earn from mining. The platform has other services and products; these as well as the key provision are highlighted here below.
Joint Mining Pools 
The joint Bitcoin mining pools at Miny.cc bring together several rigs and their computational power. In doing so, the platform increases the chances of profitability in its Bitcoin mining operations. Miny.cc mines several cryptocurrencies. The diversity is deliberate since it enables the platform to shirt from one coin to another depending on the profitability of mining the chosen coin. 
The proceeds from the mining venture are distributed to the platform users depending on the amount that they hold as balances. The larger the balance a user has on the platform, the larger the returns.
Use of Artificial Intelligence at Miny.cc
The platform constituted an IT team that has developed a mining algorithm. Using the algorithm, Miny.cc can monitor the current trends and use that data to predict future conditions. The program helps the platform to improve profitability.
Secure Wallet
The platform offers a secure cryptocurrency wallet as a default setting. Anyone that creates an account on Miny.cc will get a wallet that secures stores LTC, BTC, ETH, and MINY tokens.

How To Earn On The Miny.Cc Platform

The features highlighted here above provide various benefits to the platform’s users. These advantages are available to you if you:
Subscribe to the Joint Mining Pools
Joining the mining pools is straightforward; create an account, fund and activate it and you are good to go. The earnings, which are given proportionately depending on the amount a user holds in the platform, can be as high as 19% of the said balance per month.
Invite Users Via the Affiliate Program 
Miny.cc is giving users a chance to earn even more. By inviting prospects in among your contacts, you stand to earn commissions down to the 20th line. Users should note that the referral commissions are only payable if the referred prospects, create, fund, and activate their accounts.
More information about the platform and its products and services is available on the website. Do also check out the whitepaper. However, if you have questions then feel free to contact the customer support desk through the email address: info@miny.cc or post the same on the platform’s official Telegram channel: https://t.me/minycc.
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