Building Your Empire with Mirror Trading International

Bitcoin trading is no longer just for investment aficionados. With Mirror Trading International, anyone and everyone has the ability to improve their standing and start profiting off the gains that Bitcoin is making. Bitcoin trading can turn people’s financial situation around because rather than having the money sit in an account doing nothing, trading Bitcoin means your money works for you. We have seen countless of examples of people who have joined the network and build themselves a healthy stream of income.

About Mirror Trading International

Mirror Trading International is a Bitcoin trading company that has pioneered the way trading gets done. It allows you to help you grow your bitcoin, with little effort from you! The vision of the founders was to find a way to pool resources together and remove the barriers to entry when it comes to Bitcoin. Through the Mirror Trading International opportunity, people from all walks of life have been able to join the movement and build up their own networks within the system.

How to Get Started

Traditionally speaking, joining platforms that allowed for trading were typically complex and riddled with rules and restrictions that don’t favour the user. When you join with Mirror Trading, the process is straight forward and simple. All you need is a minimum of $100 initial deposit, which goes into a trading pool. From there it is traded on your behalf, meaning that you don’t need to have any knowledge or action anything. You simply sit back and watch your account grow. The automated, AI algorithm at MTI takes care of all the trades, and you get to sit back and watch your investment grow.

Trades are made Monday to Friday, and you get a report at the end of the day. The profits average 0.5% per day, but this is no guarantee that there will be profits every day. The entire process is transparent, allowing you to track the daily performance of your account.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that MTI trades. As the biggest and pioneering cryptocurrency on the market, Bitcoin holds the least amount of risk in terms of being a valid cryptocurrency. While many smaller cryptocurrencies have since been born, Bitcoin continues to be a market leader. Mirror Trading International made the deliberate decision to make use of Bitcoin as the base currency as they believe that this will be the cryptocurrency of choice for the future.

Increase your Investment Through Referrals

MTI offers an optional referral program where the business rewards people for marketing the company. Should you refer anyone, you can receive a 10% referral bonus. You can also build teams, which allows you to make binary bonuses. You need to have at least 2 people in your team and more than $200 in your trading account. Thereafter, you can cash in on binary bonuses which are calculated according to your weakest leg.

Binary bonuses are paid on the volume invested in your weaker leg; it doesn’t rely on the number of people, but rather the volume of Bitcoin in that leg. This kind of structure inspires people to invest more, which can lead to greater financial gain.

Bitcoin is already starting to change lives. The longer you wait, the longer you are delaying the journey to financial freedom and reward. With MTI, both the investment and referral option will help you kickstart a nest egg that could start your new business, buy your dream home, or take you on that dream holiday you’ve been thinking about.


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