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How To Open PayPal Account From Pakistan On Your Name

Step 1: Get UK mobile number from “text me” or any other app or get any UK Physical sim in Pakistan with help of any UK friend, this will work perfectly fine on roaming in Pakistan and you will receive codes from Bank or PayPal free of cost even if it’s on roaming.

Step 2: Find the UK address where you want to open a bank account. (you don’t need a unique address for this. 2,3 people can open an account on same address)

Step 3: Download the “Monzo” app in your mobile and open bank account. For ID verification Monzo will accept your Pakistani passport. (simply download the app and follow the steps)

Step 4: wait for the Debit card to be delivered on your UK address. And meanwhile, buy a VPS.

Step 5: once you receive a card, open a PayPal account with your Pakistani passport and link your bank account and a Debit card with PayPal Account.

(i) You don’t need to open a company in the UK, you can simply do all the above steps as an individual. Open an individual account on Monzo and the same on PayPal.

(ii) You can open 2,3 PayPal accounts on the same address but different names so help each other and 2,3 people can use 1 address.

(iii) You can also open a UK Ltd company and company business account if you want business PayPal, for this purpose you can use the Accountant’s address.

(iv) Please do not try opening PayPal account from Pakistani IP and you can’t use any Pakistani details except Pakistani Passport so please avoid asking such questions.

(v) Use Monzo Debit card in Pakistan and for online shopping etc, in this way you will start building your credit history in the UK so you can apply for UK credit cards after 6 months which will permanently solve your charge Method issue for amazon.

I am writing this post after successfully making PayPal with this Monzo account and I am using that PayPal successfully from the last one year.

Since this is totally free except getting UK number which is PKR 1100 per month so everyone must try and get your PayPal account on 100% your name.

Before asking any questions I request you to please read the post carefully, still if you have any questions read the post again. 🙂

Note: This post is strictly related to PayPal so please do not mix it up with amazon and only ask PayPal related questions if you have any, but only after reading post 3 times.

Disclaimer: I have just shared my experience. just in case if you are not successful in this, I am not responsible. Secondly make PayPal history gradually, do not take big payments at the start. Grow it slowly. And when you receive any payment in PayPal, do not withdraw it immediately and let the payment rest in your account for some days. After creating a good history, you can send and receive big payments too but be patient.

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