Is QubitTech a Scam? Proof of the best investment platform and affiliate track record

QubitTech is a quantitative hedge fund represented by a group of seasoned professionals in the asset management field with over a decade of experience in both traditional and digital assets markets.

QubitTech provides “Digital licenses” and “API trades” for its business model and uses the MLM scheme for marketing.

I’ve been watching the project from the very beginning (it started on June 9)! Looks promising. Serious preparation, which means you have a CHANCE to make good money.


1 ). The public founders of the company: one of whom is Greg Limon (a well-known personality in cryptocurrency circles), more details below.

2 ). Passive income 25% per month (charges and withdrawals are available daily).

3 ). The key is the very beginning (official opening is 2nd — 4th October), you can get a first-mover advantage.

PS . Do not forget that any investment is a risk! And the responsibility as well as the decision is made by you! You need to approach business with a cool head and an understanding that you can lose your investment!

Key public admins:

Greg Limon — CEO (Executive Director). Co-founder of the Canadian

company DigiMax, which helps conduct STOs and has already raised more than $ 2 billion. He has also organized three successful IPOs so far and has personally attracted more than $ 300 million in various projects. He is a very famous person in the crypto community.

Marc Swickle — Marketing Director.

More than 25 years in international investment banking Has attracted more than 50 million euros to Asian startups focusing on AI Robotic Trading Since 2014, he has been developing business in JKD company implemented projects worth $ 1.9 billion (Satellites, oil and gas pipelines, power plants) Since 2009 owns a company that advises hedge funds and family offices for $ 500 million. Since 2015, he has served as an advisor to the Thai Ministry of Energy.

Jorge Sebastião — Chief Technology Officer

A seasoned CTO, Advisor and International speaker, with experience in Blockchain, Cyber Security, AI, IoT, 5G, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery, Bigdata, & Managed Services. Jorge is professional advisor in several innovative startups using disruptive technologies with focus on generating business value. He created the powerful framework A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness & Agility.

5 affiliate programs

Direct bonus is a reward for a personal invitation of a partner to your team, it ranges from 2 to 4 levels, depending on the purchased package:

Bronze: 6%-2%, Silver: 6%-3%, Gold: 7%-3%-1%, Platinum: 8%-4%-2%-1%

A binary bonus is awarded for closing balls in the right and left branches from 8% to 12% from each binary pair . A binary pair is activated by $ 100 in the left and right legs of the binary.

  • To activate the binary grid, you need to have at least one personally invited person in the right and left branches.

2. A binary bonus is awarded for closing balls in the left and right branches.

3. The calculation of the binary bonus comes from the weak branch.

Rank bonus. 10 ranks. Personal bonus from $ 100 to $ 500,000.

Matching Bonus. 1 to 10 active levels. From 5% to 20% of partners’ binary-bonus.

In the first 15 days, you can get a bonus investment package.

If you have invited 4 people to your structure for different investment packages, you will receive a bonus package equal to the minimum package of invited partners.

If you have invited 4 people to the same investment packages, you will receive a bonus package equal to the package of the invited partners.

My QubitTech 1st-month Affiliate Performance

I started QubitTech on 13th August 2020 and I published QubitTech review first in Japan.

It is a month since I started QubitTech.

My QubitTech 1st-month affiliate reward is about 60000 USDT

Just only about 1000 Japanese people registered, and now more and more people make an account and start to invest on this platform in Japan.

If you create an account from the link below, you would get rich binary bonus point on your leg by Japanese people.

Registration Link :


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