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Digital Marketing 2021 What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing

The efforts made to attract customers or expand the image of a company or brand on the internet is part of a digital marketing strategy.  Any business and company that wants to reach the goals need to make a digital marketing plan. Because it can give you brand value and brand promotion to the audience.  Join Jocial

But what are the advantages or disadvantages of this type of marketing? What can you achieve from these digital marketing plans? Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of new digital marketing opportunities in 2021. 

What is digital marketing?
Before defining the contribution or limitation of digital marketing, we need to start with the definition:

Digital marketing is all that an individual or organization uses to create an online brand, attract customers, and run a business, so all online marketing efforts are part of digital marketing.

What are the digital marketing strategies?
In digital marketing, there are various strategies, tools, or channels that are used to achieve the set goals. Let's look at some relevant:

SEO positioning
SEO, for its acronym in English, means Search Engine Optimization, which we can basically understand as optimization for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others.

An SEO strategy to improve the position of your pages in addition to the content you generate is achieved by adhering to guidelines established by search engines, the core of which is Google.

For the short size in English, SEM means search engine marketing, it is the position of payment in search engines. SEM will be your partner if you want to invest in promotions to appear in the given search engine results.

Inbound marketing
If you want to reach your potential customers in an aggressive way then internal marketing is for you. This method tries to attract customers through valuable content and solve problems that your users or potential customers want to solve.

Email marketing
As part of this, email marketing is a tool to communicate with your clients or potential clients through their email. If used in the right way, it is an incredible ally of transformation and incredible.

Social networks
Finally, there are social networks. This will be the network of your choice depending on the goals of your digital marketing plan. Each of these is designed for a specific audience or to help you meet your objectives. So you must suggest some strategies and then adopt them.

What are the advantages of digital marketing?
Once we know what digital marketing is and what some of its strategies are, we will establish its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the definition of the benefits of digital marketing:

In general, it is difficult to determine the effectiveness of steps taken to attract customers to traditional thematic marketing. One of the key issues in digital marketing is the ability to measure each of our efforts.

In such a way that we will always be clear about what work we are applying for, what things should not be done, and thus what we need to correct. There is a saying in digital marketing that says: "What cannot be measured, cannot be improved".

The continuous analysis allows us to make instant changes, test things very quickly, and adapt regularly to new tools or channels.

To give us an idea, in Latin America, Brazil, the country with the most people using the Internet with more than 150 million accesses.  And Mexico is in second place with 89 million, according to statistics. 

Digital marketing gives you the possibility of reaching a large number of people and even crossing borders, which were before unthinkable.

Online marketing allows the customer segment so you can customize ads or strategies, for example:

  • Demographic characteristics
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Professions

Disadvantages of digital marketing?
On the other hand, there are also cons of digital marketing, some of them are:

Lack of internet access
According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), 53.6% of the world's population uses or has access to the Internet. Although these statistics fluctuate across the country, access to the Internet is not total. So one of the disadvantages of digital marketing is that the entire population does not have access to the Internet.

It can lead to mistrust
User ignorance and digital scams create distrust. As a result, advertising is not effective. The risk of scandal still exists, so the desired purpose cannot be fulfilled.

Channel saturation
Like traditional marketing, ad fulfillment is online. For this reason, ads on certain channels may be ignored by users and may not achieve the goals they are searching for.

After all, the competition is huge on the Internet. So you will face a very competitive market, where you need to update yourself regularly and change your goal-achieving strategies.

Digital marketing for 2021: Are you up to date with the trends?

Digital marketing, advertising, and technology are key to all types of business. This is important if one wants to maintain a good relationship with the branding of the market. One year later where communication is moving towards new options in the trend of digital marketing for all kinds of businesses. They had to adapt and reinvent themselves to continue serving their clients. 2021 comes up with such trends as per the situation and wants to continue building a link with the goal and brand experience.

Digital advertising?

Digital channels are gaining ground in traditional media. Especially television where advertisers have to work with messages adapted to different channels to connect with the target. Digitization is the key to connecting with the public and the low market.

Of course, e-commerce is a great breakthrough for 2021. Because years later companies had to rearrange themselves and provide online services.  Advertising on e-commerce platforms has taken a big step and will be one of the main characters. In this case, multi-brand pages will be one of the great beneficiaries of this trend. Because here more brands want to advertise and be part of those platforms.

Blockchain is one of the great fighters in current advertising. They offer transparency of advertising in all media. As it provides secure advertising, removing cookies will advance data protection offering more privacy.

Consent-first marketing is a trend that we will notice the most, where more personalized ads will be placed after user consent. This trend will help improve engagement between brands and customers, including more effective content provider ads.

And the social networks?

Social networks now need that it is no secret. In a digital strategy, it helps to connect with the customer, create conversations and create conversations and provide a channel between the two. Companies try to retain customers, introduce them, improve brand awareness ... This is the channel where the conversation started and it is important to consider the companies and their weaknesses.

A year later where social networks were the main character of the prisoners where the heroine offered to entertain with the support of the Instagram brand and influential people.

 A growing market can create more opportunities for influencers. Thus social media influencers are creating a huge space in digital marketing. It is developing as an influencer marketing platform in digital marketing trends 2021. 

All platforms on Facebook and YouTube are now covered with influential promotions. Although Instagram influencers are very popular now, all platforms are growing now.

Like Instagram, Tiktok is also melting its power now. So the image of the business is expanding social media with new elements for branding. Audiovisual content is now one of the main characters and it will continue into 2021. Micro videos such as Reels or TikTok have come to stay offering eye-catching and effective content.

This content includes live streaming which is a direct way to connect with the public this year and where events are not necessary. This trend provides direct conversations with users and interesting content that is much cheaper for companies.

As we have said before, e-commerce is evolving and so are social networks. More and more companies are allocating advertising investment in this channel to achieve effective results. The key to this trend is that "advertising" leads you directly to the purchase or acquisition of a product or service.

7 keys to achieving success in Marketing

We live in an era of unprecedented technological innovation, but one thing remains unchanged: the human. By putting the human at the forefront of our digital environments, a business can be grown up. Brands will be able to successfully manage their business, economic and social environment, generating a positive and lasting impact.

Purpose:  reaffirm the objective

Companies that work with a clear and well-defined purpose are more likely to succeed. Because customers increasingly identify with brands that present their values. By simplifying decision-making processes they are able to respond more quickly in times of uncertainty. Because they know how to invest, how to hire their staff, and how to meet the needs of their partners.

Agility:  speed up technological processes

The current context examines business models in unique ways and makes clear the agility of an organization’s success. In this sense, companies can respond more effectively when digital technology clashes with market needs and customer expectations. Instead of reducing investment in technology - speedup is now more important than ever.

Participation  involucral to the consumer

Customers are more involved with the brand than ever before, starting with product co-production, product reviews. Companies need to think strategically as brand ambassadors and partners to improve their engagement rate.

Human experience: refine the service

As the world becomes more technological and digital, people send an email, message, or a gift online directly to the networks. But, depending on the needs of customers, employees, and other partners, companies can create tools, services, and devices that improve people's lives.

Merger:  to strategic support

By creating new experiences through strategic and cross-sector alliances, companies can better serve their clients. Fusion presents the art of merging new business partnerships. Also, customer insights and digital platforms to create ecosystems that address human needs as a whole.

Confidence:  complete promises

It takes years to build a trusting relationship, but it can be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Trust is built on the commitment of a brand and the delivery of its products or services. Even in the hardest times, when distribution meets expectations, brands build their confidence. When the gap between promise and supply widens, trust is shattered and reputation is tarnished.

Talent: the most important asset

The way the pandemic has changed the way they work, companies have focused on building their most valuable resources. From their skills to their strategic strength, they compromised all. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) free marketers to innovate and apply more strategically to the generation of creative ideas.

If you want to know more about the different digital marketing strategies that you can apply to your Business or SME, you can join us. Also, if you want to know about the new marketing trends that are going to take more force this year, look at the marketing trends for 2021 according to Jocial.

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