Are You Ready For The Biggest Network Marketing Launch of 2021

 Are You Ready For The Biggest Network Marketing

Launch of 2021 In 4 Days And 16 Hours From Now ?


(If you`re ready , Visit our  site and join our  Group And Post : I`M READY!)


Inside that telegram group you will also get 24/7 help and support from admins


If you have any questions related to compensation plan , how to get paid , how to withdraw or anything , just ask our 24/7 admin support team and they

will take care of it


We have crossed over 460,000 signups now in just 25 days

and by launch day we predict we will hit 500,000 people...


Here are some important launch day rules you need to be

aware of :


1) All payments will be in bitcoin


2) All Withdrawls will be in bitcoin


3) To get paid referral commissions from the compensation plan and to bank volume from your power leg , you should have minimum $100 package active


4) To get paid binary commissions , you must be binary qualified and you do that by sponsoring one person with minimum $100 active package on left and one person with minimum $100 package on right


( These can be your own accounts also )


5) Your daily binary income is equal to your package amount.....


So if you start with $100 package, you can only make $100 per day in binary commissions and rest of the volume on weak leg gets flushed


So if you have big teams both on left and right , we suggest you to focus on getting binary qualified ASAP and then focus on getting the highest possible package you can afford so you can get maximum binary commissions.....


5) BPAX coins you will get will be in proportion to the package you purchase and will be paid everyday at a ratio of upto 1.9 % of your package amount to the max number of BPAX coins per package which is indicated in the PDF presentation


6) Your daily trading profits will start 24 hours after your package activation and is given Monday To Friday


Leverage this extra time to work harder , build bigger teams

so on launch day , week and month you can start making

big commissions upto $100k/day !


You`ll earn 6 % of whatever your referrals buy

and upto $100k/day in binary team building commissions...


This is massive!


Our Product, the Bitpax.Co Arbitrage Trading Bot -

is an automated crypto currency arbitrage trading system that is

simple and 100% Turn-Key which in turn, will have

your downline and customers VERY Happy!




NOW is the time to start promoting your VIP

downline invitation link which goes unlimited Levels Deep!


Your Link is in your backoffice.....


( Make sure to choose the correct placement setting )


This means that when we launch, not only do

you get paid for all direct sales, you`ll earn

profits from the efforts of your entire downline!


This link goes directly to the Affiliate Signup

Page for YOU.


Right-Now is the MOST important time!


You`re in the Bitpax.Co Platform EARLY

as a JV Affiliate.


Invite your friends, your team and bring

in as many leaders as possible!


You`ll be well rewarded!


If you start building your team NOW - you could

easily make $100k+ on launch day!


Our automatic crypto currency arbitrage trading platform

is something that people all over the world have been looking for

and you`re one of the very 1st to be onboard this



Now let`s get this party started!  Signup Bitpax


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