How To Co-Parent In A Respectful Way For The Good Of Your Children

 Divorce is a reality for a number of couples that have children. The challenge then becomes co-parenting as you need to figure this out for the good of your children. Older couples with children that have moved out of the house can avoid each other for the most part. Those with children will have to pick them up and see their ex which can be challenging in the case of a contentious divorce. Putting personal pride to the side is important as both parties usually are sour about a divorce. The following are tips to co-parent in a respectful way for the good of the children. 

Child Support Issues

Child support can really be a very touchy subject as people do not like giving money to their ex. The right divorce attorney can help you figure out any child support issues. Figuring out extraordinary expenses in child support is important if you live quite a long way from your ex. These can include gas mileage or even things like private school if this is something that has been agreed upon. Child support can be very sensitive and expensive as you usually have to pay according to what you are earning annually. 

The last thing anyone wants is their ex to have their driver’s license suspended or go to jail due to late child support. States enforce this without permission from the other parent so it is never your choice whether to send your ex to jail. 

Never Badmouth Your Ex

Never talk negatively about your ex in front of the children as this can be quite damaging. Reserve this for when you are alone with your friends as the kids don’t need to hear negative things about their parent. In fact, you should make sure that your children think highly of your ex. This is not something that you can enforce your ex to do but mutual respect is imperative to co-parent effectively. There will be times where you have to act like a united force when punishing the children or setting down rules. Rules should be very similar regardless of household as kids tend to want to stay with the parent that is less strict especially during their teenage years. 

Figuring Out Holidays 

Holidays are important times of the year to get together with family. For parents that can be around their ex, having both parents there can be wonderful for the kids. In other situations, splitting the holidays is important as seeing both sides of the family should be a priority. Some holidays are not as important as others and your kids might want to spend them with their friends. Sitting down to figure this out with your ex is important and the kids should also have input. 

Trying to co-parent with someone is going to be tough regardless of your past relationship. All parents want to be around their kids as much as possible. Presenting a united front to your children even though you are divorced is something your children will appreciate as they get older.


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