We are not entirely convinced that black can become a talisman of happiness, but there are couples who do not care about everything – we are one hundred percent sure of this. Therefore, we propose to admire the wedding dresses, designed in black, and admire the courage of brides and grooms. And, of course, the beauty of the clothes chosen for the celebration.

We looked at Instagram shots of couples choosing black for their wedding and came up with 10 reasons why you can change the traditional white for a modern Western wedding to black.

  1. If the bride is a black swan at heart.
  2. If you love not even retro, but deep historicism, something unimaginable may turn out. It also happens:
  3. If he is Dracula.
  4. And if you want to celebrate your wedding without the hassle.
  5.  If you like mystery and all sorts of epics.
  6. If you are a romantic neo-Victorian couple.
  7.  If you are not afraid of anything.

Look for inspiration in old photographs (in this case, historical American ones, but here you can search for photographs of marriages of the war years: you will definitely find black dresses with white collars in wedding photographs)