Growth, success and leadership define "Escuela Unstoppables," an original production for E! Entertainment that returns to provide women entrepreneurs with the tools to boost their business.

Growth, success and leadership define " Escuela Unstoppables ," an original production for E! Entertainment that returns to provide women entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to take their business to the next level.

Ten participants from different Latin American countries, with multiple talents, innovative companies and all the enthusiasm to succeed, will meet in Tulum (Mexico) to compete for the attractive prize of US$20,000.

Under the leadership of Laura Tobón (Cámbiame el Look, La Voz Kids, La Voz Teens) and Silvina Moschini , President of Unicoin (the first Latin American woman to take a company to "Unicorn" status) who will be the main mentor; AND! Entertainment announces the premiere of the new season of "Escuela Imparables" that arrives on Thursday, January 19 at 8:00 pm.

Only one of them will be the winner, however; the invaluable advice of the specialists and mentors led by Silvina, will give all the participants -and the public- unique learning to position their ventures against the competition.

Economy, finance, business administration, leadership, business plan, capital raising, product planning, ventures with social impact, will be just some of the subjects that will be presented during 12 episodes.

In her role as lead mentor, Silvina Moschini will inspire the audience to change the world by thinking big. Her powerful, energetic and candid vision of the entrepreneurial system and female leadership attracts the attention of thousands of people around the world.

Moschini broke the "glass ceiling" of startups in Latin America and, led by host Laura Tobón, will share all her experience and enriching knowledge with the participants and all the women in the region through E! Entertainment.

According to Fortune magazine, funding for women's startups is very unusual , only 2% of the venture capital invested goes to female entrepreneurs, which is why "Escuela Unstoppables" arrives to inspire more people to invest in companies led by women.

This production is part of the institutional campaign of E! Entertainment "Voces de E!", an initiative that brings together the efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion of NBCUniversal International Networks in the region, under the objective of promoting female empowerment and exalting the voice of women regardless of their race, age , gender identity and beauty patterns.

Meet our participants!


She defines herself as a free and spiritual soul, Mafe recognizes that her greatest talent, in addition to creating jewelry with a positive energy charge, is knowing how to read the color of people's auras. She is Brazilian and lives in Tulum, Mexico. Although she never went to university, she has worked since she was young and lived in several countries.


He lives in Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Mexico; she is a professional boxer, teaches boxing classes and is a Zumba trainer. Her career in the ring as a professional dates back to the age of 13, when she saw a friend fight, and her enthusiasm caught the eye of the promoter on duty.

In addition, she has started in the food business and wants to acquire enough knowledge to expand the capacity of her gym and explore the world of styling.


Venezuelan by birth, but Mexican and Ecuadorian at heart. In addition to having studied a computer technical engineering and having a master's degree in international trade, she is also trained in acting.

Tireless accumulator of knowledge, she also studied goldsmithing. Her business started as a hobby, designing jewelry for her and her friends in Venezuela, when she migrates to Ecuador and they give her a maternity visa, she decides that being a mother is not her only objective and formalizes the company of hers


You have many reasons to be an entrepreneur. For her, founding a company is an opportunity to make many families happy by being a source of employment. In addition to being the head of her own company that represents laboratory brands, she has the support of her husband who takes care of the family so that Rebeca can pursue her dreams. He even quit her job to be able to focus all his efforts on the business they both have, even though she is the majority shareholder.


Wendys is an undeniable story of overcoming: she was born in Colombia and lives in Mexico City. Her experience as a migrant is not a fairy tale, since she had to go through many economic and social difficulties to be where she is today: at the head of a company specialized in Afro hair products, a forgotten market and segment. in Latin America.


Regiomontana, Mayra is a lawyer by training. After getting frustrated trying to lose weight and hating all diets, she developed a product based on pork animal protein that, in addition to being delicious, is a great ally in carbohydrate-free diets. Her company has grown exponentially since she founded it shortly before the pandemic.


She is an industrial engineer and health coach. Her two loves are wellness and technology, so she combined her passions into her venture: a universal membership for different fitness centers. She defines herself as passionate, a fighter, and resilient.


She is a clinical psychologist, specializing in minors. In addition to ten years of practice in martial arts, Natalia is fond of board games. Especially, to create them, that's why her venture is focused on providing mental health tools through them.


She is a biologist, however, her favorite study object is not insects or whales, but the tianguis of Mexico City. She is a curator of second-hand fashion, accessories and curiosities and knows where to find vintage treasures that she then trades in artisan markets. Ana is a queer and proudly lesbian woman who likes to swim against the current: she has dissent in her heart and what she most wants is to create communities and weave networks

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