"Escuela Unstoppables" is an original production of E! Entertainment that provides women entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to take their business to the next level and promote the growth of women entrepreneurs throughout the region.

Since the first season , the reality show has been in charge of inspiring women through its format that follows real stories with a common goal, it is for this reason that it is back with a second installment that will premiere this Thursday, January 19 at 8:00 on E!

Unstoppable School.

Under the leadership of Laura Tob贸n ("C谩mbiame el Look", "La Voz Kids", "La Voz Teens"), "Escuela Imparables" will have Silvina Moschini , (the first Latin American woman to bring a company to the status of "Unicorn » ) as main mentor.

In which 10 women entrepreneurs from different Latin American countries, with multiple talents , innovative companies and all the enthusiasm, meet in Tulum, Mexico , to compete for the attractive prize of 20 thousand dollars.

Before the premiere, we talked with Laura Tob贸n and Silvina Moschini about this new season, the experience of meeting the contestants, as well as the retrospective of the reality show and her personal opinion regarding what we consider "success".

What is the key to success?

«For me the key to success is to be at peace with yourself before anything else, if you are fine on the inside you will be fine on the outside and a calm mind is a creative mind, and a creative mind is a successful mind, hence success comes for me, “shared the host.

Regarding the key to success, Silvina Moschini explained: "I think that the most important thing and something that happens to all women in all professions , not only for entrepreneurship, is learning that the true power is within us ."

She added: " Nobody has to empower us that we have what we have to have, we have that power that we had in the past when we think, for example, in the time of Nefertiti or Cleopatra that culture somehow put all women to be successful”.

«To be able to achieve everything we dream of and for that the most important thing is that we believe in ourselves, that we know that we have what it takes and that we can articulate a good narrative , a good story to be able to give life to the body and be able to carry projects forward," he added.

He also stated: «What we have to think about is that success is not only economic success, it is a part and not necessarily the best part of the broad definition of being successful.

For me, being successful is knowing that I am happy that with the things I do I can make other women say "thank you, you inspired me" , I can create bigger dreams or I could achieve what I wanted."

What does it mean to be an unstoppable woman?

In this regard, Laura Tob贸n commented: «For me she is that woman who fights for her dreams despite the limitations , despite the obstacles, despite the fact that you have fears and insecurities , but what do you know that you have that fire inside: that you are unstoppable."

He completed: "A woman who goes much further no matter what it costs you , but you will do everything possible to achieve your goals, for me that is to be unstoppable, not only to be a talented , creative woman but also to be a good woman , a woman of integrity, with values , who knows how to work, who knows how not to be envious, a woman who knows what it is to be unstoppable .

Talent: Laura Tob贸n
Photographer: Mateo Restrepo
Stylist: Pierina Feria for VP Style
Make up and Hair: Luisiana L贸pez
Talent Wrangler: Alejandra Noriega
Styling: Total look, Dior

For her part, Silvina Moschini pointed out: « For me it means that we have no limits , that there are no more limitations than the ones we impose on ourselves through the stories we tell ourselves of what we can and cannot do, it means falling and get up".

"It means that when you're tired you rest and don't give up , it means that no one is going to tell you what to do because there is no type of restriction or limit to the possibilities that we have today."

« Throughout history, women have always been recognized and valued for everything we are contributing and also for the sense of community and impact that we have that makes this ball spin much better, because in the gear that women contribute when they are successful they also give back to society,” he added.

Silvina Moschini is a coach in the second season of "Escuela Unstoppables".

What can we expect from the second season of "Escuela Unstoppables"?

In this regard, Laura Tob贸n pointed out: «Well, imagine that I have a 10-month-old baby and they just call me from E! Entertainment and they talk to me about this project of unstoppable women. I was not doing any project because I was in my role as a mother, but it caught my attention because it is a project that inspires women to believe in themselves .

She argued: « Although I am in my role as a mother, I am an unstoppable woman who continues to work, doing what she loves and what I am passionate about and here I am for the 10 Latinas who came to compete , to give them all my support to throw all the cheers on them, As a host , I am a fairy godmother who accompanies them, gives them strength and advises them, who is there for her».

Regarding what awaits us in the second season of "Escuela Imparables" , the Argentine businesswoman confirmed: "I think we have grown a lot , of course the scope that we are also having with the entrepreneurs. This is not just a show , it is a platform where we have brought various mentors and worked on different aspects.

«The entire human being behind the entrepreneur because at the end of the day humans are holistic entities where we have mind, body and issues that have to do with mental health , issues that have to do with finding oneself and that have to See how you lead and how you structure the technical part of the business, we have evolved and we have learning to continue expanding it”, he added.

"Increasingly we see women with bigger dreams that dramatically change their perspectives, their opportunities, their lives and their businesses at the moment they arrive and at the moment they are on the way out they are different and you see it from how they stand even how they speak to what they say are their biggest dreams ».

"And they're bigger because they learn to trust themselves and they have this platform and the tools that make them feel safe to say 'I'm going to go to the moon and I deserve to go to the moon and I have everything I need. to have' that is the great gift that those of us who are behind this program take with us, the ability to provide them with a platform that will change their lives and businesses forever and hopefully many of them will also become 'Unicorns ' ", complete.

Talent: Laura Tob贸n
Photographer: Mateo Restrepo
Stylist: Pierina Feria for VP Style
Make up and Hair: Luisiana L贸pez
Talent Wrangler: Alejandra Noriega
Styling: Total look, Dior

What lesson did the second season of "Escuela Unstoppables" teach you?

« I have a 10-month-old baby that I decided to also bring to Tulum so that I could fulfill my dream of being the presenter after stopping to accompany all these women and I think it has been a great effort because well, I get out of all my comforts in my home, away from my husband," shared Tob贸n.

As she explained: "But being able to see the smile of all these women and see that I can make a change in this program and help them to be women who can trust themselves , even if they are also mothers for me is everything, it has been worth the effort." of being recording and being with my son, it has been worth everything for simply being able to change the lives of those women ».

While Silvina Moschini argued: «Something that for me was super important, and I always learn that, is that this is a path of a lot of learning , I also learned from the girls things that I can improve in myself and see them in others, for me what motivated is that a 'princess builds her own castle'.

And he concluded: «There he taught me that true independence always begins with the portfolio , the ability to earn money. A message to girls who follow Marie Claire's content is that when you seek to be truly independent you must have the ability to be financially independent , that true independence always starts with your wallet ."

Strong, powerful and inspiring women are the words that define Laura Tob贸n and Silvina Moschini , whom we will see for 12 episodes in this new female empowerment reality show , produced and starring real women.

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