Filmmaker Pedro Alvarenga, 27, born in Rio de Janeiro, takes over as stage director at Immigrant, a production studio founded by Rodrigo Saavedra and the Danish Phie Hansen in 2022.

Alvarenga was raised on movie sets since he was a child and has already directed music videos for Pabllo Vittar and for the band Gilsons, with passages through Sentimental in São Paulo and Cosmo in Rio de Janeiro.

Recently, he won the best direction category at the Music Video Festival (MVF) Awards, in addition to having already won the special jury prize at the same festival. In 2020, he won the video del año award at the Buenos Aires MVF with the clip Coração Tambor, filmed in Angola. Despite his short career, he has already accumulated awards and nominations at the 1.4 Awards, Vimeo Staff Picks, Berlin Commercial, Directors Library, as well as the 2021 Latin Grammy in the category of best music video.

Rodrigo Saavedra, director and founding partner of Immigrant, says that Pedro is currently one of the most promising talents in the world in the music video scene. “He is a director who tackles very Brazilian themes, but at the same time manages to be very international. His stories travel with ease, break boundaries, educate and entertain at the same time,” he says. And he adds: “Until today, this talent has been used in music videos, but with his entry into Immigrant, we hope he can apply his keen eye to major campaigns”, he concludes.

According to Alvarenga, “being at Immigrant is a very significant step in my career, as I have always admired all the professionals in the company”, he says. “Being able to contribute my cinematographic vision to the advertising market excites me a lot, because I still want to be part of a generation that values ​​Brazilian culture here and in the world”, he adds.

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