Twitter is making the algorithmic feed the default option, and the star icon that lets you swap feeds is going too.

Twitter is rolling out changes to how users move between the algorithmically-driven timeline and the reverse chronological feed, making the former the new default.

iOS users will see the changes first, and the company has also removed the star button at the top right for switching between feeds. Instead, in place of the old controls, two tabs labeled “For You” and “Following” allow users to switch between timelines.

TikTok users will instantly notice that the “For You” naming convention follows the popular video platform’s lead. The new default view will show tweets from people that you follow out of order, interspersed with tweets from profiles the algorithm thinks you may like.

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While the changes make it easier to switch between the two feeds, unfortunately, you’re shown the default “For You” timeline every time you relaunch the app. The changes come after controversial new CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the “main timeline should allow for an easy sideways swipe between top, latest, trending, and topics that you follow” and said that Twitter would be “making this change soon”.

So far, there isn’t an option to swipe to trending and followed topics, though the trending page is only a few taps away in the search menu.

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