Social media is a hugely popular and powerful tool that can be used for the benefit of any enterprise. Media platforms have long become something more than just a medium that allows people to connect and communicate. It is a mighty and robust tool for advertising that is deployed by marketers worldwide. With a potent social media strategy, a skilful marketer can promote any product by attracting and captivating potential customers. To operate social media to the maximum of their potential, marketers need to master some knowledge of their possibilities, current trends and developments in the area, and the specification of developing working strategies. All of the aforementioned, along with other useful information, can be learnt in the online course which promotes.

About this course

Contemporary business reality has undergone great changes over the recent period as social media have entered almost all of its aspects. Without a thorough understanding of the possibilities of different social media and without mastering the strategies and skills of correctly deploying the potential of each of the platforms it is practically improbable that marketers will succeed in their attempts to promote and market products efficiently.

This course starts with an introduction to the fundamental principles of social marketing and gradually leads the learners to the creation of relevant media content to attract and support a devoted social community. It shows what advantages and drawbacks social media deployment can have on businesses, which platforms businesses should use, how to open an account to be used for promoting a business, and introduces the idea of social content strategy, means and ways of its implementation.

What you'll learn

  • The positive effects social media can have on businesses’ digital strategy,
  • Ways and methods of creating content for social marketing, and analysis and assessment of its effectiveness,
  • Orientate in the variety of influential media platforms and understand the specific aspect of their use for every individual case.

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The second of multiple courses on Social Marketing developed and provided by DMI can let its learners enhance their careers in modern-day marketing and become a much-demanded specialist.

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