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1) US company. HQ in Florida
2) Pioneering Stage. Started Dec 2022 in the USA ­čç║­čçŞ
3) Founder & CEO Ben Glinsky has over 20 years experience in setting up successful Direct Selling and MLM companies , all featured on magazines, newspapers, internet and TV and has paid over a Billion Dollar in commissions to its distributors.

4) Open Globally in 160+ Countries:
You can send your referral links to your invites anywhere in the world
(Fast Duplication)

5) Dropshipping Business Model:
No need to pile up your stocks.
No need to carry stocks for yourselves.
Big Savings on Gas or Fare:
No need to go to the store or office. Everything is done online.

6). Very Reasonable Price
50 - 75% Cheaper Products, without compromising quality as compared with other Direct Selling or any MLM companies.

7) Revolutionary ComPlan / Marketing System
"Disruptive". Never been done in any Direct Selling or MLM companies before.

8 ) Very easy to join. Only $49.95
Direct Referral (Fast Start Bonus) $25

9 ) Revolutionary & Mega Easy Rank Achievements
10) LiveGood is now going #Viral in the US ­čç║­čçŞ and around the globe.
11) No Autoship on products
12) Full 90-Day Empty Bottle Money-Back Guarrantee on products.

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People with a poverty mindset are the hardest people to help ­čą┤
If it cost money, they call it a SCAM ­čś▒
If it's FREE, they don't value it ­čĄö
If it takes longer than 20 minutes to see results, they give up ­čĄĚ‍♂️
Yet, they can put in 40-60 hours plus a week working for someone else, but they can't (won't) put in 2 hours a week working for themselves

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100 Unicoin Free for You | Claim your 1000 Free KST | Join Nexo & Get $25 in Bitcoin | LIVEGOOD Affiliate