Japan acts as a motor for many sectors of the world economy. It is a highly developed country with a broad range of production areas and, consequently, wonderful employment possibilities. 

It offers diverse job opportunities to professionals of almost any field, be it modern technologies, automobiles, electronics, engineering, textile, healthcare, or else. 

Finding your place in the Japanese job market is attractive, but it requires some knowledge of the language, as even if you have a good command of English, not always can you be understood by the natives or sort out your own issues. 

It is never late to start studying a language, but the sooner you start, the more chances you have to succeed. www.europe.study proffers taking the second part of the Japanese course for beginners to advance the vocabulary obtained earlier.

About this course

Once you start learning a language it is advisable to try to learn and use it as much as you can, as without practice and constant use you won’t manage to preserve the acquired skills, let alone develop further. This applies to learning Japanese as well and the second part of the offered beginner Japanese course is what can help you enhance your communication skills.

In the course, together with the foreign student Andy studying in Japan, you are invited to learn how to orient yourself in the choice of relevant university courses and textbooks, to find your way to the places you need by asking people in your surrounding for directions. The course lets you practice some speaking and learn how to pronounce the learnt words and expressions and also how to address people correctly.

What you'll learn

  • To ask how to get to a certain place,
  • To tell how much time is required to get somewhere and the best way to get to your destination,
  • To talk about your plans,
  • To find information regarding your courses.

Join the course

By successively taking the different levels of this multi-level Japanese course you will soon find yourself speaking Japanese without effort. Don’t hesitate to take your chance of adding one more language to your list.

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