Gone are those days when we did everything manually, from gathering insights into the market to identifying customers’ needs and requirements. Now we live in a world where machines and other applications perform the majority of business operations. Artificial intelligence has a lot to do with these transformations. ONPASSIVE, an AI tech company headquartered in the USA, is working on building marketing automation tools and applications by leveraging AI.

Ash Mufareh, the founder of ONPASSIVE, is committed to helping online and offline businesses gain a strategic advantage in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. With a wide range of services, the firm aims to help small entrepreneurs transform their business into large companies in the years to come. GoFounders is the marketing arm of our firm, which gives access to the founder community. By joining as a founder, entrepreneurs can access all our AI tools and applications for FREE.

ONPASSIVE Compensation Plan

What Makes ONPASSIVE different?

Whether you are new or have been in the industry for several years, ONPASSIVE has opportunities for everyone. All our marketing automation tools and applications are hand-crafted by our experts, taking into consideration all your business challenges. We realize the significance of reaching out to the right set of customers for businesses, whether small or large. Our tools and applications are designed in such a way that it helps you automate a large part of your marketing activities.

If you are a committed online marketer looking to take your small business to new heights, you must join us. Countless users have had a positive experience by partnering with us. You can look at Ash Mufareh reviews posted by individuals who loved working with us.

How can we help you soar to new heights?

We know the significance of marketing and advertising in today’s competitive marketplace. With our unique and exceptional tools, we can help you target your desired demographics. Here are some ways how we can help you reach new heights in the years to come.

Get to know target audiences better — Personalization is the key to business success these days. You can personalize marketing initiatives when you know who your customers are initially. AI tools and technologies help marketers to gather insights into the market, customers, and competitors simultaneously. This can eventually help marketers to adapt to the changing needs and requirements.

Focus on target audiences’ needs — Traditional marketing strategies such as prints and brochures can no longer help businesses focus on target customers’ changing needs and requirements. By partnering with us, companies can efficiently utilize every dollar of their marketing budget by personalizing initiatives based on changing customer buying behavior and spending patterns.

Market directly to target customers — AI tools and applications can help you gather data on your target market. With the gathered insights, you can segment customers with similar characteristics into different groups and devise targeted marketing strategies. This eventually attracts new customers and drives conversions.

Our Products and Services

By joining as a founder, you can access all our tools and services, including ROI tools and trackers, multi-business support, calendar and scheduled services, domain hosting, video conferencing, webinars, flexible wallets, and much more. Other tools and services include:

Video Conferencing — Enhance employee communication and team collaboration with video conferencing tools. The tool allows creating rooms and inviting people in a single click.

Website Builder — Now build your website or revamp the current website using our AI-powered website builder. This tool offers enhanced user satisfaction by helping users’ voice search features that they want.

Calendar Scheduler — Now automatically schedule all your meetings and important events using our virtual assistant. Even this tool automatically sends the meeting request to all the required attendees.

Mass bulk mailing — Sending mails to the entire team are more comfortable with our AI-powered mass bulk mailing tools. This tool enables users to mail a large group of individuals at the same time.

Flexible Wallet — As e-wallets are becoming common these days, people face difficulties in keeping track of all the recent transactions. Our flexible wallet has got you covered. A flexible wallet allows users to manage all financial transactions together.

Live Events — Ensure seamless communication with customers regarding a webinar, video hosting, audio conferencing, and other events. This tool eventually helps marketers communicate with their target customers.

Video chat — This tool enhances your communication with colleagues through webcams. This allows one-to-one chat and one-to-many chats at a time.

Where will ONPASSIVE be in the next five years?

ONPASSIVE could become a unicorn company through 2025, as the company has the potential to transform the entire online marketing world. Artificial intelligence will continue to gain massive popularity over the coming years as the world is witnessing significant transformations. By partnering with us, you ensure business continuity amid uncertain situations and succeed in the long run. So, it’s high time for you to start your marketing automation journey with us.

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