Coinscribble - December 7th, 2023 / DEFIWAY has launched iOS and Android apps for its DeFi web3 wallet with built-in exchange and cross-chain bridge. The mobile app is designed to provide users with a seamless and secure experience for managing their cryptocurrency assets.

Despite being a young project (launched in Spring 2023), DEFIWAY has already made a name for itself by offering outstanding products, such as its cross-chain bridge. One of the most compelling aspects of the bridge is its unparalleled cost-effectiveness, boasting the lowest commission on the market at just 0.1%. It supports a wide range of blockchain networks, including the rare inclusion of Tron. This makes it an ideal choice for users who want to move their assets across different blockchains without incurring high transaction fees.

The DEFIWAY web3 wallet is designed to provide users with a secure and smooth experience. Additionally, the built-in exchange allows users to trade their assets without leaving the app.

In addition to its standout cross-chain bridge and wallet, DEFIWAY offers a suite of other compelling products: Pay and Payroll (already available on the app).

A new industry standard has been set: the mobile wallet must include both a bridge and a built-in exchange. DEFIWAY is ready to go further and offer services that even market leaders have been implementing for years.






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