Why Makyee is the Best Choice for Selling and Buying Property?
 01 Jun 2024

Selling a house or any other is a challenging process for those who own the property. Real estate market is saturated and offered services on the market are rather diverse. It is not fast and easy to meet a good platform to list property. These are some of the challenges which Makyee has endeavored to address by developing a marketplace where property owners are connected to potential customers.

Why Choose Makyee?

User-Friendly Platform

Makyee provide a unique and user-friendly experience unlike many firms that have entered the real estate industry. From the design interface of both the website and the mobile operational application, it can be evident that the key emphasis is to enhance the ease of usage of the operational platform both for the sellers and the buyers.

Wide Reach and Exposure

If you sell your property to Makyee, it will attract a lot of buyers because we have a large network of clients. From paid for ads, social media promotions, website listings and even SEO, the target market is achieved. They help in proactively attaining a wider market thus easing the process of finding a ready Property and willing buyer at the right price.

Trusted by Thousands

Real estate is a field that has enjoyed a good reputation and confidence on the part of clients. Many property owners and those intending to buy property have benefited while using Makyee

Advanced Tools and Resources

We provide advanced tools and resources to assist you in creating quality listing on Makyee. A photo of an apartment uploaded to our platform accompanied by a description and a virtual tour of the entire apartment among other things will help you to get noticed easily.  

Dedicated Support

We offer you exceptional customer care throughout the selling process to make the experience a smooth one. You can easily consult with all questions related to creating the listing, negotiations, or closing the deal with our team.

How to Sell or Buy Property on Makyee?

Selling on Makyee is quite easy and does not have time-consuming procedures as you sell your property to interested people.

Step 1: Become a Seller

Firstly, navigate to the official Makyee Company website

Step 2: Activate Your Account

This step also verifies your email address to enable reception of important updates and notification from the system and other users.

Step 3: Complete your profile

You agree to the following terms and conditions. Visit the link to Makyee seller center, to log in to your account complete your seller profile. The significance of conveying personal details emerged as it was perceived to be the best way of pampering clients and building a bonding with them. Upload your profile photo, provide your phone number or email address, and a short self-description. To be credible when operating an online business, it is very important to provide as much information as you can be available to any prospective buyers or customers.

Step: 4 Create a Listing

It is now time to describe your property and add it to the site since you have already created a profile. Find your perfect place among the variety of accommodation options and click the ‘Create Listing’ button to complete your offer details.

Step 5: Use High quality Pictures

The logo should also be presented in ultra-high-resolution imagery to ensure that any device it is displayed on retains its crispness and sharpness. Pictures constitute an important aspect of the property posting since potential clients will use images to judge the condition of a house. Ensure you provide clear images that capture the features you would want a potential tenant to see in your property.

Step 6: Set the Price

The next crucial step in the marketing mix is setting the right price for the product in order to satisfy consumers’ needs. The added-cost and the consumer-perceived value and ultimately, achieve marketing objectives. You may use Makyee pricing tools or speak with the market analysis coordinators to set a reasonable price for the listing. Setting of right price helps in marketing and selling the property as fast as one can think of.

Step 7: Promote Your Property

Once you will be done with providing all the details correctly, checking the photographs and writing the description about yourself then it will be the time to post your ad. Next to the map menu, we have a ‘Publish’ button. When you press it, your property becomes live on Makyee. It means you post a listing and potential buyers will be able to see it and get in touch if they are interested in your offer.

Step 8: Use Marketing Tools:

In order to maximize your listing exposure, consider making use of the promotional features available through Makyee. First, you can opt to promote the listing to have it pushed at the top of search results. These options also act as some sort of unique selling point for your property. It also makes it more attractive to several possible buyers.

Step 9: Answer the Inquiries

Once your listing is up and running, brace yourself for emails from the customer. In general, timely and professional communication with most of the potential buyers will be important in the process of coming up with an agreed price. Answer the questions, offer more details, and set up appointments to organize the method towards the subsequent step.


It’s crucial to understand that listing the property on a wrong platform is prolonging the time before you can sell the property. Choose Makyee as it is the perfect solution for people who want to easily list their property and find interested buyers. With the use of advanced tools, user- friendly interfaces as well as a dedicated support team you can achieve your goals quickly. Real estate does not limit itself to the commercials, residential homes or apartments alone. Makyee would ensure you achieve your desired goals in that aspect. To find potential buyers, join our platform today.join our platform today. Make your property listing and buy or sell property without any hassle.


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