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The Future of Technology

The technologies that we are already exposed and used to has already opened up a path to us innovating even further, and this list of both p...

Chaudhry 12 Jan, 2023

Prices of Donald Trump’s NFT Collection Plummet More Than 70%

The value and number of transactions using Trump NFTs continue to fall. Those who purchased shares for $99 each still have a profit margin o...

Chaudhry 26 Dec, 2022

4 Apps Most Travelers Don’t Realize Can Help Them Explore New Places

Whenever you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, you’re most likely to use Google Maps to know what’s around the place. But you probably h...

Chaudhry 21 Dec, 2022

What is WebTalk? Let’s Know it better.

Did you get an invitation to join  WebTalk ? Are you curious to know if it’s good to join this network? Is it any different from other netwo...

Chaudhry 19 Dec, 2022

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Will Officially Restart Soon

As per the reports by a special assistant it’s revealed that approximately 100,000 laptops are going to be issued to talented students The F...

Chaudhry 18 Dec, 2022

Top 5 News Widgets for Your Website

What is a News widget?   A  News widget  is a small element that can be displayed on your website or blog that shows the latest news. Widget...

Chaudhry 15 Dec, 2022

SEC Charges Social Media Influencers in $100M Stock Scam

Social media sites like Twitter and Discord were used in this plan by the defendants. The SEC has filed a complaint against all of the defen...

Chaudhry 15 Dec, 2022

Tata Group Will Soon Start Making Mobile Chip In India

One of the country’s most prominent business groups Tata Group is set to enter chip production. According to a report in Nikkei Asia, Tata G...

Chaudhry 12 Dec, 2022

WhatsApp Officially Launches Customizable 3D Avatars

This WhatsApp customizable 3D avatar feature first launched on Facebook and Instagram and are expected to come on more Meta owned platforms ...

Chaudhry 12 Dec, 2022

SEO Keywords to Boost Your Cryptocurrency Website Traffic

The higher your website’s search engine ranking, the more organic visitors it will receive. The higher a website shows up in Google searches...

Chaudhry 28 Nov, 2022

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