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Quran Surah Numbers and Para Numbers

Surah Numbers With Parah Numbers. Quran Surah With Parah list. Surah in which Parah (Juz). 1. Al-Fatiha الفاتحہ  in Para number 1 2. Al-Baqa...

Chaudhry 15 Apr, 2023

Freelance Visa Dubai 2023: Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Freelancer in Dubai

The scope and opportunities in the field of freelancing have grown multifold recently as businesses are recognizing the benefits of a more a...

Chaudhry 14 Apr, 2023

Europe Work Visa: Everything You Need to Know

Each EU country has its own visa policies, which differ from country to country. The work visa programs have been established to meet the la...

Chaudhry 14 Apr, 2023