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You may proceed with your application by acquiring E-Residency

 on https://liberland.org/en/dashboard.

A while ago, you applied to become a citizen of Liberland. We tried to follow up but it seems like your email provider such as Yahoo, Outlook, or Hotmail may be blocking our messages.

Nonetheless, it is the ideal time to continue with your application. More people than ever experience the current governance systems as obsolete, oppressive, and unready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

In response to this worldwide cry for more freedom and competence, we are setting up the freest nation in the world, Liberland. 

Feel free to continue your citizenship application by purchasing your own E-Residency ID card on our website

It is the first step towards citizenship. Also, it will allow you to remotely incorporate your company in Liberland and to take advantage of our to-be-launched e-services.

Kindly find info on what are our plans for the upcoming period of time below:

The following are the main characteristics of our country:

  • We are a small, open economy, the "Singapore of Europe", the Constitutional Republic based in Gornja Siga; a former no man's land about the size of three Monacos (7 km²).
  • We are not infringing on any state's claims; strictly neutral, we wish to live in peace and bring prosperity to all of our neighbours.
  • Our Constitution draws from the rich tradition of classical liberalism, strongly accenting property rights and individual liberty.
  • Live and let live - minimal, "laissez-faire" (hands-off) approach to governance: you are responsible for your own destiny and free to reap the benefits of your actions.
  • Voluntary taxes.
  • E-governance, decentralization running on our public blockchain, the Liberland Smart Chain.
  • Direct democracy and a small parliament voted in by truly representative, tokenized elections.
  • Project-based administration and strong feedback loops keep the government in check - a government that works like Patreon, focusing only on what the citizens want to finance.
  • The state budget is minimal, with only four ministries and decentralized justice; sound economic principles of thrift and prudence.
  • We are 100% supportive of innovation, enterprise, and modern technology.
  • A country designed for start-ups and for people who know what’s best to do with their own time and money.
  • A safe haven from a world running away from freedom towards the kind of corporate socialism the demonstration of which we have seen during COVID times.

If you find any of this interesting, you may experience Liberland and meet us Liberlanders at the Floating Man Festival. 

The next Floating Man Festival will take place from 11th August 2022 to 14th August 2022. The Festival is a forum for debate and presentations, a music festival, and a jolly happening, all packed into three warm summer days. You can learn more at https://floatingman.ll.land.

If you wish to help us advance our cause, the best starting point is e-residence. As an e-resident, you gain access to the Liberland ecosystem and can, for instance, offer your products and services at the Liberland Marketplace, https://market.ll.land.


You can go to www.liberland.org and learn more. You can also become a Citizen and gain the right to settle in Liberland when we gain full control of our land. 

Those who wish to obtain citizenship can help us with one of our projects. The most straightforward way is volunteering at the Floating Man, but you can also help us with our web development or our blockchain. Please write to us at info@liberland.org if you are interested.

We wish to thank you for your time, and we hope to be able to see you soon in Liberland!

Yours sincerely,

Vit Jedlicka
President of Liberland