It is not every day that we come across a jurisdiction where taxes do not exist and where the citizenship program is powered by blockchain technology. Liberland is truly exceptional among all other jurisdictions in that regard. With small steps and a lot of enthusiasm, Liberland is trying to claim its place alongside the rest of the States and is currently raising so much interest that more than 500,000 individuals and investors from all over the world have already applied to obtain citizenship of this micro-state.

For now, the main objective is to create an architectural project that can accommodate some 120,000 people and that can later be expanded to welcome more and more citizens within Liberland. 

Post scriptum: Right now Mundo doesn't provide any service concerning residency in Liberland and doesn't recommend this program at the moment. 

While we wait for Liberland's plans to materialize, it is a good idea to move up the application for citizenship for several reasons:

1. You can start your business remotely right now: Liberland's e-residency will allow you to establish your own business in the jurisdiction without having to move from your living room. Liberland is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who have a business model that works regardless of the location of the company, for example crypto exchanges.

2. Access to Apatin's free trade zone: you can not only establish digital businesses when you get your residence or citizenship in Liberland. It is also possible to establish yourself in the space reserved for Liberlanders in Apatin's free trade zone, a place where you can keep your operating costs very low.

3. Liberland's first real estate project has the best prices in Europe: while Liberland's development projects are being completed, the government of this micronation has been promoting its first real estate project, the Floating Cabins Project. This is a luxury boat adapted to accommodate residents in spectacular suites. Prices start at $45,000 and with the purchase of a unit you automatically receive Liberland citizenship status. This is without a doubt the most accessible CBI program in all of Europe.

4. e-Government: Just as you can open your business online, the rest of Liberland's public and private affairs are handled through its digital platform: from managing property titles and making voluntary donations, to running your business and voting in government elections; you can do it all from your mobile device. Being a Liberland citizen is like traveling into the future.

5. The best fiscal policy in the world: Liberland was created to enjoy the highest thresholds of freedom that anyone can reach, and that is demonstrated by its fiscal policy of zero obligatory taxes. Residents and citizens have the possibility to make voluntary donations to the government of Liberland, but nothing else. No one is obliged to give any of their money. This is the only jurisdiction in the world with such a tax system.

To enjoy all these benefits you do not have to go through long and cumbersome processes. Obtaining residence and citizenship in Liberland is such a simple process that it makes one question whether other citizenship procedures in other jurisdictions are worthwhile.

Liberland is still developing as a country and community and therefore the residency and citizenship at this moment does not offer any travel or living benefits. The mundo team however can consult you on other options.

Passport and E-Residency

Becoming a resident and citizen of Liberland is not as difficult as in other jurisdictions. Liberland opened applications for its E-Residency and citizenship through its digital platform and since 2015 has received more than 500,000 applications from people all over the world. Most are investors, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals who see this micronation as an opportunity to develop their businesses away from the controlling states’ failures.

Requirements to obtain the Liberland Certificate of Residence

The application to become a Liberland citizen differs from regular citizenship by investment programs in one quite important aspect: the whole process is done online. Nothing could be more convenient for the world we live in now.

Liberland has set out several requirements to be met by persons wishing to obtain citizenship of the territory in the future. Among the requirements are:

 Respect to others and their opinions as a flag (without distinction of race, sex, orientation, or religion); 

● To respect private property; 

● Not to have a Nazi, communist, or extremist past and not to have been punished for criminal offenses in the country of the applicant;

● Having at least 5,000 Liberland Merits. These Merits are obtained by working through the Liberland initiative or contributing with donations to the Liberland poor government in amounts equivalent to the 5,000 Merits.

After meeting these basic requirements, the application process enters a review phase to ensure that the applicant’s information is accurate. Only then will the citizenship certificate be issued, which you can receive by mail or pick up at any Liberland representative office in other countries.

So far, more than 500,000 people have registered as potential citizens of the new micro-nation that has been created on the margins of Croatia and Serbia. 


While Liberland is preparing to receive hundreds of thousands of residents in its territory, passports are only reserved for diplomats and official micro-nation representatives. Liberland diplomatic passports are intended for trustworthy and officially appointed representatives of Liberland. They are designed to meet all international and security standards. 


While Liberland prepares itself to have people living in it, there’s something called E-Residency, which lets you identify yourself in real life and online Liberland’s events, digitally sign and authenticate documents, and having access to an encrypted communication service. With the E-Residency card you can also start a business in Liberland and manage your company fully online, and of course, apply for the Liberland Citizenship.

This is the only electronic residence in the world with a price of 100 dollars, so it has been widely demanded by investors and entrepreneurs worldwide to start digital companies in Liberland, mostly related to cryptomonics and trading. This bet of Liberland has allowed it to exploit new technologies and the boom of digital services to generate an interesting community of entrepreneurs that enhance the economic growth of the country. 

Liberland has attracted more applicants than traditional jurisdictions with the best citizen-investment programs in the world. The demand is there, and it seems that the supply is on the way to meet it.

Liberland is still developing as a country and community and therefore the residency and citizenship at this moment does not offer any travel or living benefits. The mundo team however can consult you on other options.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.