Did you get an invitation to join WebTalk? Are you curious to know if it’s good to join this network? Is it any different from other networks?

I was feeling the same when I first heard about this network. So let’s start with answering some question.

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a brand NEW social media platform that promises to combine the best features of Facebook and LinkedIn and also provides some additional features. Like separating your personal and professional life on the same network.

Here is a short video that explains the new platform and demonstrates some features:

Is it good to use?

Different people have different opinions. But if you do some research this network is in the market since 2011 and It started to become popular in 2015.

And if a network has spent over almost 10 years and still in early stages. There are lots to come.

let’s check out some positive things about this network.:


Get your personal and professional connections at the same place.


By dividing the network into two parts. it manages privacy. Like if you want someone to see the private life

 you can choose to opt-in either or both.


You can control sharing.:

let’s assume you want to add your boss as your friend and you are hesitating due to your personal content sharing. But in Webtalk, You can choose whether you want to share it with your personal or professional network.

How to join Webtalk?

Currently, Webtalk is not offering open enrollment while Beta testing is in progress. The only way new members can join is through the links, email, banners and new posts of existing members.

Can you earn money on Webtalk?

Currently, Webtalk is in the testing phase. Upon joining Webtalk, you will find temporary dashboards accessible from your main account menu that are tracking your referrals, sales and commissions. 


Your referral and payment dashboards will be relocated to SocialCPX.com upon the official launch, which will include a SocialCPX app with growth reports, training tools and commission forecasting. 

you can join the network here => https://www.webtalk.co