In a move to facilitate international students, Germany has relaxed visa rules aimed at making it easier for students to work alongside their studies.

The new visa rules, which will come into effect on March 1, 2024, are an important milestone in Germany's broader strategy to attract and retain foreign talent.

From nursing to hospitality to IT, the German government hopes the law will encourage skilled workers from all kinds of industries to come to the Federal Republic and address the country's record labor shortage.

The revisions to student permits cover extended employment rights and extended tenure, giving students more flexibility in finding employment opportunities while pursuing their studies. Furthermore, adjustments to the rules on permanent residence and family reunification are aimed at speeding up the process and providing clear paths for foreigners to settle in Germany.

Under the new German skilled worker visa rules, anyone with a university degree or a professional qualification recognized by the country in which it was obtained can come to Germany if they have spent two years in that field. Can demonstrate experience in which they wish to work. working. Qualifications and experience do not need to be related to or related to the same field, only the professional experience of the candidates should be relevant to the job they hope to do in Germany.

A key initiative on the horizon is the introduction of a points-based "Opportunity Card", which is due to come into force in mid-2024. The system is expected to further simplify immigration procedures and provide additional opportunities for qualified individuals to contribute to the German economy. and society.

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