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Pakistan to face Afghanistan today in ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup

Pakistan will play against Afghanistan today in the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup at Trinidad and Tobago. The match will start at 0600PM (PST).

In the second match, England will face the United Arab Emirates in Basseterre. The match will start at 0600 PM (PST).

In the third match, Bangladesh will take Canada in Basseterre at 0600 PM (PST).

Pakistan kicked off their world cup campaign with a big win over Zimbabwe couple of days ago. Haseebullah Khan scored a fine century and Awais Ali picked up 6 wickets in the opener match of the Green Shirts.

Here Are the Most Man of the Series Awards for Pakistan in T20Is

Pakistan’s wicket-keeper batter, Mohammad Rizwan, won his third man of the series award of his T20I career after a solid showing in the three-match series against Bangladesh. Rizwan scored 90 runs at an average of 30.00 in the three innings he played in the series and played a crucial role as Pakistan became the first team to whitewash Bangladesh in a three-match series in Bangladesh.

Only two Pakistani players have won more man of the series award in the shortest format of the game than Rizwan. Pakistan’s all-format captain, Babar Azam, and veteran middle-order batter, Mohammad Hafeez, have won four awards each.

While Hafeez has played 119 T20Is to achieve the milestone, Babar has only played 70 T20Is to be awarded the same number of man of the series awards. Both Hafeez and Babar are only behind Indian captain, Virat Kohli, who has won a total of 6 awards throughout his T20I career.

Former Pakistan all-rounder, Shahid Afridi, and veteran middle-order batter, Shoaib Malik, have also won three man of the series awards each. Malik has played 124 T20Is while Afridi finished his career with 99 T20I matches.

Here are the Pakistani players with the most man of the series awards:

PlayerMan of the Series AwardsTotal Number of Matches
Babar Azam470
Mohammad Hafeez4119
Mohammad Rizwan352
Shahid Afridi399
Shoaib Malik3124

Sapphire Punjab Junior Tennis Championship 2021

 Asad Zaman (McDonald’s) and Ahtesham Humayun breezed into the Sapphire Punjab Junior Tennis Championship 2021 U-14 finals after winning their respective semifinals played here at the Punjab Tennis Academy Bagh-e-Jinnah on Thursday.

In the U-14 semifinals, Asad Zaman was up against Omer Jawad and displayed quality tennis and skills to overpower his opponent with a score of 6-3, 6-4. Ahtesham Humayun faced little resistance from Shehryar Anees before winning the crucial encounter 6-2, 7-5 to book berth in the final. In U-14 doubles quarterfinals, Shehryar Anees/Ahtesham Humayun thrashed M Ramzan/M Ali 6-0, Omer Jawad/Ismail Aftab defeated Zain Saeed/Abdur Rehman 6-3 and Raja Mustafa/Harris Bajwa beat Hajra/Aalay Husnain 6-4. 

In the U-18 semifinal, Bilal Asim played well against promising Abdul Hanan Khan as he overwhelmed his opponent with a score of 6-1, 6-3. The U-18 doubles quarterfinals saw the pair of Hassan Ali and Asad Zaman trouncing the duo of Zaeem Ghafoor and Hamza Jawad 6-0 while the pair of Ahtesham Arif and Abdul Hanan Khan outpaced the duo of Zain Saeed and Muneeb Majeed 6-2.

In the U-10 quarterfinals, Fajar Fayyaz defeated Afaf Suleman 8-6 while in the U-12 semifinals, Omer Jawad outlasted Hashir Alam 8-2 and Ismail Aftab beat Abdur Rehman 8-4. All the finals of the Sapphire Punjab Junior Tennis Championship 2021 will be played on Thursday at 5:00 pm.

Ramiz Raja likely to be appointed new PCB chairman as Ehsan Mani refuses extension

 Former Pakistani cricketer and celebrated commentator Ramiz Raja likely to replace Ehsan Mani as the next chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board as the latter refused to seek an extension.

Reports in local media quoting sources said Chief Executive Wasim Khan will be the acting chairperson until elections are held in the near future.

Amid all gossips, Mani held two meetings with Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier this week while sources claimed that the premier had asked him to continue as PCB chief.

Reports further cited that Raja has also accepted the post of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman. “The aim is to reset Pakistan cricket's GPS and will be in pursuit of excellence,” he was quoted by a publication saying.

The sitting Chairman while speaking with a private news channel said “he is not interested in working as PCB chairman anymore” however he denied mentioning any name of the new Chairman saying the details will be released by Prime Minister Office soon.

Amid all the assumptions, a publication quoting source within the PM House claimed that the 'incumbent Chairman would continue to be Governing Board member for the second term in office'.

How To Co-Parent In A Respectful Way For The Good Of Your Children

 Divorce is a reality for a number of couples that have children. The challenge then becomes co-parenting as you need to figure this out for the good of your children. Older couples with children that have moved out of the house can avoid each other for the most part. Those with children will have to pick them up and see their ex which can be challenging in the case of a contentious divorce. Putting personal pride to the side is important as both parties usually are sour about a divorce. The following are tips to co-parent in a respectful way for the good of the children. 

Child Support Issues

Child support can really be a very touchy subject as people do not like giving money to their ex. The right divorce attorney can help you figure out any child support issues. Figuring out extraordinary expenses in child support is important if you live quite a long way from your ex. These can include gas mileage or even things like private school if this is something that has been agreed upon. Child support can be very sensitive and expensive as you usually have to pay according to what you are earning annually. 

The last thing anyone wants is their ex to have their driver’s license suspended or go to jail due to late child support. States enforce this without permission from the other parent so it is never your choice whether to send your ex to jail. 

Never Badmouth Your Ex

Never talk negatively about your ex in front of the children as this can be quite damaging. Reserve this for when you are alone with your friends as the kids don’t need to hear negative things about their parent. In fact, you should make sure that your children think highly of your ex. This is not something that you can enforce your ex to do but mutual respect is imperative to co-parent effectively. There will be times where you have to act like a united force when punishing the children or setting down rules. Rules should be very similar regardless of household as kids tend to want to stay with the parent that is less strict especially during their teenage years. 

Figuring Out Holidays 

Holidays are important times of the year to get together with family. For parents that can be around their ex, having both parents there can be wonderful for the kids. In other situations, splitting the holidays is important as seeing both sides of the family should be a priority. Some holidays are not as important as others and your kids might want to spend them with their friends. Sitting down to figure this out with your ex is important and the kids should also have input. 

Trying to co-parent with someone is going to be tough regardless of your past relationship. All parents want to be around their kids as much as possible. Presenting a united front to your children even though you are divorced is something your children will appreciate as they get older.

Nobody Abuses Wrestlers More Than Their Own Employer: The WWE

  • Former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard has just gone missing.
  • The WWE responded to the crisis with “no comment.”
  • The WWE has a long history of mistreating its wrestlers. Why is this treatment okay?
Another day, another WWE tragedy.
This time, it’s about Shad Gaspard. Wrestling fans know him best as one-half of the Cryme Tyme tag-team, which was a terrible — and racist — parody of “street thugs.”
They were only on the roster for a year before getting booted onto the independent circuit. Gaspard and his former Cryme Tyme partner JTG struggled for years after the Vince McMahon-owed organization unceremoniously kicked them to the curb.
Shad Gaspard
Source: Twitter
Sadly, Gaspard has just gone missing after getting caught in a riptide. He’s all but presumed dead, at this point.
And what was the WWE’s response to this tragic news? “No comment.

This Isn’t The First Time The WWE Has Messed Up

More than just tone-deaf, WWE actively and noticeably mistreats its most valuable employees: their wrestlers.
Whether you believe they’re entertainers or athletes, the wrestlers make up the backbone of the business. Without them, the company ceases to exist.
Yet, the company treats them so poorly that even John Oliver — HBO’s snarky late-night talk-show host — took them to task.
But late-night commentators aren’t the only ones who have noticed the WWE’s poor treatment of its wrestlers.

If You Complain, You’re Cut

Rachael Evers — daughter of wrestling legend Paul Ellering — wanted to continue the family wrestling legacy. So, she joined the WWE under their NXT development umbrella.
A few months ago, Evers had to have reconstructive surgery on her knee. She petitioned the company to have their medical team help her heal.
When the WWE’s medical team didn’t provide the quality of care she required, Evers verbalized her concerns to upper management.
How did they respond?
Evers is far from alone in her experience.
Source: Twitter
Former WWE superstar Nikki Bella said she was “nearly paralyzed” after the medical team failed to diagnose her neck condition properly. Sami Zayn was stripped of the Intercontinental Championship title after he complained about having to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
And the list of wrestlers who were released after expressing their concerns reads like a who’s who of the WWE roster. Lio Russo, Taynara Conti, Deonna Purrazzo, Karl Anderson, and Rusev were all released this year after they vocalized their opinions about the company to upper management.
Vince McMahon has a reputation for releasing wrestlers who don’t “play ball” and toe the company party line. But this has gone beyond creative differences. This is open and outward hostility towards its most valuable assets.
The WWE needs to treat their wrestlers better. They won’t breed loyalty with hostility.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of
This article was edited by Aaron Weaver.

Did Zion Williamson Just Ruin His Shot at a ‘Last Dance’ Legacy?

  • Zion Williamson’s former agent accused to the young star of taking illegal payments from Duke University and various shoe companies.
  • Michael Jordan, on the other hand, built his brand on a flawless character image.
  • If the accusations are true, did Zion just ruin his shot at all-time greatness?
Things move fast in the NBA. We saw how quickly commissioner Adam Silver shut down the NBA season due to the coronavirus. Now the league’s next golden child, Zion Williamson, could be facing a severe career backlash before he even plays a full 82 games.
The league’s all-time superstar, Michael Jordan, reached his heights not only because of his winning brand but his squeaky clean reputation. As seen in ‘The Last Dance,’ his character wouldn’t be assassinated until he was already the biggest name in sports
If allegations that Zion Williamson illegally accepted money are true, did he already ruin his shot at becoming an all-time great?

Zion Williamson
Source: Twitter

Zion Williamon Is Accused Of Accepting Benefits Illegally

Zion Williamson’s former marketing agent, Gina Ford, accused the former Duke standout of accepting “money, benefits, favors or other things of value” to attend the university and to wear Adidas and/or Nike.

Zion WIlliamson
Source: Twitter

The court documents accuse Zion’s mom (Sharonda Sampson) and stepfather (Lee Anderson) of demanding and receiving gifts from these institutions.
Ford and Zion Williamson were already involved in legal battles. Ford’s agency threatened to sue Williamson if he broke off their arrangement. He did, and now he’s suing Ford’s Prime Sports Marketing.
Some people think these accusations might just be legal pressure for Zion and his team to settle with Ford. Either way, the critics will likely come out blazing.

Zion Will Still Have A Shot At A ‘Last Dance’ Type Of Legacy

Michael Jordan is still somehow breaking records. The ongoing documentary series ‘The Last Dance’ has already become the most-viewed ESPN documentary of all-time.
It quickly surpassed ‘Tiger King’ as the most in-demand show during the coronavirus pandemic.
While it’s too much to expect Zion Williamson ever to reach those heights of superstardom, he already has a great start.
Some might think that these allegations will stunt his popularity growth, but let’s be honest, it will probably only expand it.
Commentators and analysts will finally have something to think their teeth into during the NBA abyss that is the coronavirus pandemic.
But any expert worth their paycheck will come down firmly on the side of Zion Williamson.

Zion Williamson Should’ve Taken The Money

Anyone who would be mad at Zion for taking money from Duke has not done their research. Universities like Duke make millions of dollars every year from talented basketball players that they never pay (legally anyway).
A once-in-a-generation talent like Zion Williamson makes their brand exponentially more valuable. He’s the type of player who sells out arenas wherever he goes, and Duke always gets a cut. Congress has finally started to examine if these schools should pay up.
It’s ridiculous that the NCAA still isn’t paying their players. Zion should take all the money he can get from them and other billion-dollar companies like Nike and Adidas.
Even if true, this controversy will only bring more attention to a talent that deserves it. Zion Williamson may never reach ‘The Last Dance’ levels of celebrity, but he should be able to keep dancing without worrying about this non-issue.
Disclaimer: The opinions in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of
This article was edited by Sam Bourgi.

Azhar Ali to auction his cricket gear to raise funds for coronavirus victims

Pakistan cricket captain, Azhar Ali said on Tuesday that he will auction his loving and memorable cricket gear to raise funds for those hit by the coronavirus lockdown.
“I want to lend support to those who have been hit by the ongoing lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic by raising funds to play my role in a national and collective cause“, he said in a video message.
The top-order batsman will put up a bat and a national jersey for auction.
“I have a memorable feeling with this bat with which I made a triple Test century during the day-night Test match against West Indies while the jersey was part of the 2017 Champions Trophy which included the signatures of all the squad members”, he said adding “These two are very important and loving to me. “
“The base price for these two items is set at Rs one million each and I expect to raise a good amount of funds through the auction“, said the Pak captain, adding “I wanted to keep them with me as souvenirs of my cricket careers as they are close to my heart but I have decided to auction them to extend support to needy people affected by coronavirus lockdown.
Pakistan pace bowler Rumman Raees had raised almost Rs one million by auctioning his debut ODI cap, which he received during the Champions Trophy, along with his jersey, cricket bat and the two-starred Islamabad United shirt.