Enriching Curriculum Through Culture in New Zealand

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Enriching Curriculum Through Culture in New Zealand

Culture and education are the two moving forces of the development of any country. Educating generations, we prepare intelligent and skilled people who are going to move the country forward, towards prosperity and welfare. But transferring knowledge of a country’s heritage and culture is of equal value for reaching the aforementioned goal. That is the reason why New Zealand has attempted to combine these two in their educational curriculum on every level of education and is successfully implementing it in at least certain parts of the country. To explore the exceptional education system of Aotearoa and research how educators of heritage and culture can assist in improving the quality of learning, www.europe.study provides you with a course featuring the Aotearoa curriculum and how heritage and culture are made an integral part of it.

About this course

Organizations engaged in the area of heritage and culture can and should have their input in the educating process of younger generations as they are potent to facilitate this process and make it more productive. This is exactly what is done in Aotearoa. In their multicultural society, they have managed to integrate heritage and cultural organizations into their educational system and adapted their curriculum to provide quality education within the mentioned frameworks.

This course lets you explore how and why heritage and cultural organizations can inspire better learning and teaching, what programs these organizations can offer to develop a cultural understanding of the learners, and how to create captivating programs for learners. Here you can get a clue into the Aotearoa curriculum for young learners and learners of Māori and/or English medium and the big role of heritage and cultural organizations in it.

What you'll learn

  • Contemplate the educative value of heritage and cultural organizations,
  • Get an idea of the Curriculum of New Zealand,
  • Provide ideas potent to be incorporated into an educational strategy,
  • Expound on what makes organizations engaged in culture and heritage inspiring for learning,
  • Make observations on the activities that can be taken by culture and heritage organizations to refine the Curriculum of New Zealand and encourage learners.

Join the course

All educators, especially those without pedagogical training, involved in the area of heritage and culture in New Zealand will benefit largely from this course.

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