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International Mobility Program: Eligibility, Permits & Processing Time

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International Mobility Program is a Canadian Immigration Program that allows Foreign Skilled Workers to work in Canada without LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). Canada is one of the world's finest countries, offering you better career growth opportunities. And, IMP Canada is a program that offers you a variety of work permit streams through which you can live and work in Canada. 

To immigrate to Canada, knowing the steps involved in the migration process is important. So, Learn about immigration to Canada with our Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi who will assist you in the best way to migrate. Also, in this blog, we will explore the eligibility criteria, permit options, and processing time for the International Mobility Program in detail.

Perks of an International Mobility Program Canada

  1. The International Mobility Program allows you to earn Foreign Work Experience which is more valuable and recognized all over the world.
  2. You do not need LMIA which cuts off the long procedure of immigration and makes it easier for employers to hire foreign candidates.
  3. You can work under Open Work Permit which allows you to work for any employer in Canada with no restrictions on work.
  4. Also, IMP offers a Spousal Work Permit allowing your partner to love and work in Canada.
  5. The International Mobility Program has fastened the processing time to get a work permit as compared to a Temporary foreign Work Permit.
  6. Also, it is the fastest way to get Canada PR as IMP allows an individual to get Canadian Work Experience.

International Mobility Program Eligibility

To obtain a Canadian Work Permit through the International Mobility Program, you must meet the specific eligibility criteria of the program.

Documents required to meet the eligibility criteria of the International Mobility Program are:

  1. A Valid passport is required.
  2. Work permit application which must be filled and submitted with all required documents.
  3. An official job offer letter from a Canadian employer.
  4. Applicants must have a valid LMIA exemption code.
  5. Educational Credentials
  6. Language Proficiency Test Result

4 ways to get a Work Permit without LMIA in Canada

If an applicant wants to work in Canada without LMIA, here are the 4 ways through which you can work in a Canadian Company. There are different programs that fall under different streams, which are mentioned below and to know more about the stream that suits you the best, the Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi will guide you.

Significant Benefit Stream 

  1. Post Graduation Work Permit

Reciprocal employment Stream

  1. Entrepreneurs/Self-Employed
  2. Intra-Company Transfers (ICT)
  3. PNP Nominees as Entrepreneurs

Competitiveness and Public Policy Stream

  1. International Experience Canada (IEC)
  2. United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), 
  3. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Charitable and Religious Workers Stream

  1. Applicable to share or teach other religious beliefs

Steps to apply for International Mobility Program 

To work in Canada without LMIA, you just need to follow 3 main steps and immigrate to Canada at the earliest. These steps are mentioned below:

Step 1: Get a valid Job Offer

The applicants must get an official job offer letter which must be issued by the Canadian Employer via Employer Portal. 

An employer must meet the requirements to offer you a job and these are mentioned below:

  1. The employer must provide proof of the NO LMIA needed.
  2. He must pay a compliance fee of $230.
  3. He must provide you with an official job offer via the IMP if needed.

The Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi will assist you in finding a job opportunity for you in Canada which makes it easier for you to move to Canada.

Step 2: Work Permit Application 

The next step in the process is to start with your application for a Work Permit. You must have all the required documents to fill out the application form and should submit it in the portal.

Step 3: All set, Get ready for New Job and New Country

After completing the application process, you need to wait for the results to be published for the International Mobility Program. Upon getting a positive result everything is set to go. Now, you can plan for your move to Canada with a new Job.

For any guidance and assistance to settle in Canada, AtoZee Visas - Complete Overseas Solution has the Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi and our Consultation Services will assist in the best way.

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