The man had a wife and a lover and did not know which one to choose. He decided to go to the sage to find the answer to his problem. He asked whether he should stay with his wife or his lover. The sage looked at him and took two vases in his hand: one with a rose and the other with a cactus and asked:

"What do you do if I tell you to choose one of these two vases?"

The man looked at him and replied, "Of course I choose the rose!"

The sage smiled, “You were careless and hasty. You don't deserve either of the two vases: neither the one containing the rose nor the one with the cactus. Some men, driven by beauty and worldliness, choose what seems to shine the most. The rose is beautiful, but soon it will fade away and waste away. Instead, the cactus, even if it is not very beautiful at first glance, remains the same regardless of the climate: dark green with many thorns, but when it blooms it produces a beautiful flower. 

Your wife knows all your weaknesses, flaws and mistakes and loves you for who you are. 

Your lover doesn't want you as a whole, but only the beautiful part: your laughter, victory, joy, caresses. Your wife loves your tears, your failures: she is close to you for better or for worse. When times get tough, your lover will leave and find another. 

Your wife will stay by your side. Don't look now that everything is going well. It won't take that long.

But now it's too late. You hated the cactus for the rose and now you don't deserve it. But know that the time will come when you realize your mistake when it will be too late.”

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